Frequently asked questions

I'm interested in studying at Eng Igualada. What do I do next?

(1) Get in touch and explain what you are looking for (via email, whatsapp, the contact form or the application form) (2) We will get back to you to arrange a short and informal meeting (3) We will assess your needs and try to accommodate them (4) Where possible, we will offer you a place (5) If you accept, you will fill out the registration forms and pay the registration fee

When and how do I pay for the classes?

Classes are paid on a monthly basis. You will pay for the classes in advance at the beginning of each month. You can pay by bank transfer or by cash.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on how many hours you do per week and how many students are in your class. The following examples are based on a student doing 1 hour per week. If you are a private 1:1 student, it will cost €120 per month. (€30 per hour) If you are a private 1:2 student, you will pay €60 per student per month (€15 per hour) If you are in a small group (maximum 4 students) you will pay €40 per month (€10 per hour) Also there is a registration fee of €40 to be paid during the registration process. This fee is non-refundable.

When is the best time to reserve my place?

The best time to get in touch is between May and September because this is when we start organising our timetable for the following academic year. However, you can get in touch at any time throughout the year and we will accommodate you if we can.

What happens if I'm in a group of 3* students and 1 person leaves?

We try to avoid this situation as much as possible. However, if it happens there are 3 options for the students to choose from. (1) The price changes from Group price (€10 per hour) to Private 1:2 prices (€15 per hour) (2) We search for a replacement student or students. (3) We terminate the classes. * In the case of a student leaving a Private Shared class (2 students), the remaining student can either: pay the Private Individual class fee of €30/hour, we can try to find a replacement student, or the class can be cancelled.

What happens if I need to stop doing the classes?

It's not a problem. Just let us know as soon as possible so that we can find a replacement student (if you are in a Group or a Private 1:2 class. You will have already paid at the beginning of the month so you can finish the classes for that month. However, if you need to leave suddenly the monthly payment will not be refunded. Registration fees are not refunded either.

What happens if I miss a class?

If you are in a Group class or Private 1:2 we cannot refund any missed classes or move to another day or time. However, if you are a Private 1:1 student and if you inform us in advance that you cannot come to class we will try our best to change the class to another time or day in the same week. It must be in the same week as classes cannot be carried forward to following weeks.

What are the school policies at Eng Igualada?

You can find out about out policies and procedures here.

Will I get a Certificate at the end of my course?

Yes, we can give you a Certificate at the end of your course upon request.

Can we choose to only have 3 people in our group class?

No. There are three types of classes at Eng Igualada. Private Individual class, Private Shared class or Group class with a maximum of 4. If you are in a group class with 3, there will be a seat free for someone else to join at any time throughout the year. If you want to limit the group to 3 students you can, however, the price per hour will change from €10 per hour to €13.33 per hour.

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