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What is a Micro Language School?

The "micro school" model is a new concept in schooling which focuses on a personalised approach in the classroom. In order to achieve this, micro schools are much smaller than regular schools. This allows for the teacher to help and guide the students in a more personal and effective way.

We at Eng Igualada have created an English language version of the micro school by using the principal concept and merging it with our own methodology. The students are grouped together into very small groups by their level and objectives and not specifically by their ages. Technology is often used as a tool and as part of the curriculum for example, at Eng Igualada, we use technology to engage the student in fun, interactive learning and to assess their levels of improvement. In the micro schooling model, teachers serve as facilitators, rather than lecturers, and students learn through activities, games, experiments and projects, and not only through repetition and memorisation.

At our Micro Language School we are the directors of the school and we are the teachers. This makes it more personable. We are very excited to bring our micro language school model to Igualada as we believe it enhances the level of learning, personalisation, and community amongst our students. Essentially we believe that micro schooling could be the future of education.

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